Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fading Suns - 133 sessions and finished

Yeah, finally we got to end our Fading Suns campaign after 133 individual gaming sessions. Game ended when they were starting yeat another adventure. Good climax and good place to continue if there will be inspiration again.

Now I am happy and we can move on on next games.

Thank you Fading Suns for yet another fun campaign full of surprises. What a great game you are.


christian said...

133? Holy hell that's impressive!

Unknown said...

@Christian: Yeah, well we play almost daily. We started February 24th :D

Actually there are few more sessions to count, but they were shorter so we concider them as for example session 20 part 1 and next evening session 20 part 2 to finish it. But yeah, 133 sessions to count in a bit over 6 months.