Tuesday, September 14, 2010

[DnD] Oh, it was too easy

LuvMina has now hook for adventuring. She want's to be a part of mages guild, but she needs to proof herself to be qualified as she actually is sorceress. So, quests to do.

First quest was simple. One apprantise of mages guild was sent to a mission but he forgot to return a book to guild's library he had. So LuvMina had to obtain it back. To apprentice's home she went and examined house of two rooms from outside and decided that she tried to make her way in from backdoor, as there was a lock on front door.
Back door was closed inside with a hook so she took a stick from a planting and slided it in from door crack and started to jerk the hook off. She did observe her surroundings in case of anyone seeing. I didn't tell her what the DC is but asked her to roll and based on the roll I told her how likely she thinks no one is seeing. This way if she did score lower result she wasn't so sure, but more higher the score was more higher the notice rate. After that roll I rolled 1D6 and decided that results 1-3 there is no one and with results 4-6 someone could see. LuvMina was quite sure no one's watching (but she failed the roll) but my die result told there's no one. Second try she got in.

I decided that apprentice has 0-level spells and went them through and I was a bit disappointed. No warding spells. Backroom was bedroom/working room and book wasn't there. Second room LuvMina got result of 21 and her familiar snake 19 (as she told her familiar to search for the book also) so she found it. Back out, placing hook back and returning the book.

50 experience points for this, as it was too damn easy. And she got also 10gp what I awarded also as 10 exp o 60 exp total for this piece of cake.

Next time some action, or I'll be damned as Dungeon Master. She has to get rid of some monsters or critters, I just have to figure out why. Or the reason is that she is told to do so to gain reputation but why and where are those monsters. City is a big one, so maybe there is some aberrant apprentice's summoning tests gone wrong at secret laboratory, and LuvMina is told to clean it up.

Also halfling Francis who's place LuvMina is now staying at is investigating that beggar thing, but LuvMina still isn't interested in it at all. Bugger.

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