Thursday, September 2, 2010

V:tM Nosefratu character. Q&A

These questions are from V:tM corebook. This chronicle has ended already, but I decided to post this Q&A part of the character creation. Character is not mine, but player's of mine. Character's name is Amanda D'arc and she is Nosferatu.

How old are you?
I was Embraced in the year 1991, when my mortal age was 25. I have been a vampire for 18 years now and if you look under the partly rotten and scaly skin, you can still see that i look about 25 years old.
What was unique about your childhood?
Nothing unique, i was bullied at home and in high school and because of that, I ended up using pills, drugs and alcohol more than i should have.
What kind of person were you?
Despite of all the bullying and hatred, i grew up to be a strong willed person with a beautiful mind.
I felt alone and abandoned, but never felt any sympathy for others that had same poor and miserable fate that I did. I loved to witness
the forlon and perilous efforts of other people as they tried to walk the line between good and evil.
So I guess I can say that I wasn't actually a very nice person inside, but everybody knows how easy it is to fool people with only a simple smile.
I think the only thing that kept me going instead of the sweet, tempting, warm and gentle choise of suicide, was a strong belief that someday I will rise above this shit and show to all, why I was born with middle fingers.
What was your first brush with the supernatural?
For a long time I belived and felt there had to be something more than just the life I've seen, but I never got any proofs of it. Still as I walked along dark roads, I was sure someone or something was watching me. Something unnatural.
A man came to me one night and I was almost hypnotized by the way he made me feel. He seemed to be a person who actually cares how I feel and made me feel special every time we met.
He kept saying: 'take my hand and I promise you I'll take you away from all this and introduce you to a life you are invited to'. I couldn't resist him and without hesitation I reached my arm and took his hand. Little did I know what a surprise he had for me. Oh, what a surprise indeed...
How did the Embrace change you?
He took me to a nice house, just outside town. He sat me down, poured wine to me and stared at my eyes for a while and I was sure I was soon going to fall in love with this mysterious man, but it was then when he showed me his true nature and attacked me violently.
It felt like my throat was slit with a blunt knife, but also like sharp needles easily piercing my fragile skin as he took my mortal life to verge of death. Only thing that eased my agony and fear was the sweet taste of my sires blood. How dazed I was from the taste of it and how alive I started to feel after drinking it, I cannot describe accurate enough. A hunger grew in me, deep inside of me and whilst drinking the blood of my maker, my creator, I felt the hunger ease a bit.
Of course his appearance scared and shocked me, adding his story about vampires on top of it. And after realising I wasnt going to be a beaty queen of any sort, I was really mad with my sire. But after time passed and I had to rely on him to tell me how to live my new life, I accepted my fate and that he had not given me but a curse, but also a blessing.
Who was your sire and how did he treat you?
I havent felt any discomfort around him. He hasn't been always the nicest guy, but im sure I havent been the model student either. He was more cryptic than open and I hope someday I can connect with him more so I can get to know him better. He was my role model for a long time, ofcourse I look at him with a high respect, no matter how asshole he can be sometimes.
He taught me the basics and a bit more about politics, how things are running and how they should be running.
Were you presented to the prince?
After I had accepted my new immortal life and had my widespread mouth stiched up, I was granted a permission to see the great prince fancy pants. Lots of blaa blaa and he accepted me as a new member of their fastly growing kindred family. How nice. I only had to sense the scent of my beloved prince and at that moment I knew we definately wouldnt be best friends and I couldn't care less about what he thinks of me, thats as fascionatin as a rats poo in morning cerials, but my sire gave me a constructive advice just to smile, like I would have done as a human.

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